Pohjoisen Keski-Suomen oppimiskeskus

The Vocational Education Institute of Northern Central Finland

Our mission at the Vocational Education Institute of Northern Central Finland (POKE) is to raise the level of professional skills in our region. We do this by providing hands-on education for hands-on work. Our students are actively involved in training where we stress practical application of skills and knowledge to reach educational and professional goals.

POKE is owned by 13 municipalities in Northern Central Finland (Äänekoski Federation of Municipalities for Vocational Education). We provide vocational education for young and adult students as well as apprenticeship training.

We specialize in the following fields: Technology, communication and transport, Natural resources and the environment, Business and administration, Tourism, catering and domestic services, and Social services and health.

We have facilities in Äänekoski, Viitasaari and Saarijärvi and we provide instruction throughout the Northern Central Finland region.

In numbers:
Annual number of students: 3000
Basic degree students: 1500
Staff: 260
Annual expenditure: 20 million euros


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